Standard Products

Clean room:
We have Clean Room facilities for assembly of pharmaceutical caps along with automated cap lining machines for mass production. In our Clean Rooms we take care of all the aspects related to assembly of pharmaceutical packaging. We offer manual, semi-automated and fully automated processes. As your contract manufacturing and product development partner we will bring this expertise to life, working with you to find the best solution for your program and quantities.

Custom Products:
We manufacture products keeping in view our customer requirements. Starting from a concept and extends from engineering support for prototype design and pre-production, to production planning and engineering, right up to volume unit production. We provide logistics as per respective client requirement like color, packaging and mode of transportation. The range of our custom products varies from small house hold packaging needs to large industrial packaging.

Standard Products:
Our standard products are designed keeping in view the aesthetics and product functionality. These are mainly for industries like Pharmaceutical, Textile, Lubricants, Cosmetic and other Industrial Packaging. We are specialized in CRC(Chilr Resistant Closures) and bottles in different sizes and volumes. We also have a range of spoons, measuring cups, saucers etc for Pharmaceutical industry. Textile dying and winding cones and perforated bobbins with precise concentricity is what the textile industry .